In his article “Applauding Trump to save the country,” Dana Milbank, tongue in cheek, contends that Trump can be subdued with shameless applause. He actually might be on to something. Trump, who is a severe narcissist, seeks constant admiration and attention. As with any narcissist, he does not have a strong set of values, has limited capacity for compassion, and has no coherent plan for our country. He really is not fully committed to anything other than himself and his own ego. In his mind, he comes before country. This makes him rather easy to manipulate.

Given this, I have an idea. Let’s all send him cards with the following message. “If you allow the 'Dreamers' to stay in your fine country, to work hard, and to pay taxes that will help pay for your wonderful infrastructure projects, you will be loved by those 'Dreamers' and by 70 percent of all Americans, and you will go down in history as one of the best.”

If you are one of the 70 percent who support DACA, this tactic is worth a try.

Clare Kearns