We have had the "war on drugs," "war on poverty" and now Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress are waging a "war on the middle class and the working poor."

They are out to destroy the middle class so the rich can get richer. With the new tax plan just about everyone will get a tax break the first year. But 61.8% of the money will go to the top 1%. What a great deal.

But at the same time $880 billion will be cut from Medicare, $191 billion cut from Supplemental Nutrition Program, $22 billion cut from Social Security Disability Benefits. Also being cut 20.5% cut from the Agricultural Department budget, 31.4% cut from the E.P.A. budget, 19.8% cut from Department of Labor budget. The cuts don't end here but you get the picture. And the picture is not good. With all the cuts it will raise the deficit by $1.5 trillion. How can this be?

Also 13 million people without health insurance are losers. Just die. The President and the Republicans in Congress do not care about you.

Corporations are going to get a big tax break. But wait. Over 60% of the large corporations pay no taxes now. Plus many get tax refunds for paying no taxes. Another great deal.

President Trump has said the new tax plan will not be good for him! We have never seen his tax returns and he always tells the truth. But us, the taxpayers have paid out $16,333,000 each month so Mr. Trump can go play golf and go on vacation. Yes, each month. What a great conservative!

With all the loopholes, rigged tax codes, off shore tax schemes the middle class is doomed. You will get a small tax break but many communities will have to raise taxes to survive. You will have to pay out much more than you get back

Just why do we keep voting for so called "conservatives"? The only thing they conserve is money and benefits for themselves. The middle class is losing the war!

LaVon Brillhart