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If you like an administration that campaigns on "draining the swamp" but has been staffed with unqualified, dishonest advisers (including felons) and cabinet members, if you like a president who communicates with citizens and the world by angry, mean-spirited, factually inaccurate tweets, if you like trade wars and tariffs that hurt all consumers and most farmers, if you prefer an administration that systematically insults and demeans people of color, if you like separating children from parents who have come to the U.S. to request refuge, if you like policies that give vast money to corporations and the wealthy 1 percent, but plan to cut medicare and social security, then vote for the Republican lackeys of the president in November.

If you prefer clean air and water, if you think all working Americans should earn a living wage, if you reject white supremacists and remember that America has always been a land of immigrants (recalling that the president's four grandparents, mother and two of his three wives were/are foreign born immigrants), if you like holding our national forests and parks in perpetuity for ourselves and generations to come, then vote for Democratic candidates in November.

Keep America great.

Joan D'Aoust


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