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In answer to Clare Kearns' May 23 Reader’s Alley letter, we are trying to protect the fertilized eggs in the petri dishes. But if we cannot convince you that the life in the mother’s womb that even looks like a human being is in fact a human being, how are we to convince you that the life in a petri dish is also a human being, as precious of a soul as is your soul. How tragic it is that these petri dish babies are safer than those in their mothers’ wombs.

Do you not realize that very little of this entire equation is made up of the rapist issue? Most abortions come from practicing sex outside of marriage. By your own argument, should we not therefore cut off the men and sew up the women? The answer is in saving sex for marriage.

Why is it not bigotry for you to lambaste the elderly, white, conservative Christian as you have done? Had you but substituted young for elderly, black for white, left-wing for conservative, and Muslim for Christian, you would have been blown out of the water! You have also insulted millions of mothers. If one statement could be chosen by the majority of these women who are doing the breadwinner thing, it would be this: “I want to be a stay-at-home mom.” We’ve all heard this cry time and time again.

The legal abortion clinics often leave women sterile, maimed or dead. And the guilt of having aborted their child is staggering. I do not wish this for any woman. And yet you are pushing abortion! Do you not care for women? The woman’s life that is in question is how she is going to live the rest of her life — whether it’s as a mom or not. The baby’s issue is whether or not he/she even gets to have the rest of his/her life. Which question is more important?

Sally Hull

East Helena

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