I am responding to Kristin Jacobson’s (4/12) letter in Reader’s Alley.

Kristin, I am not criticizing Pastor Wilson, who has said he wants to help people get along with one another. When anyone states that they wish to help people learn to communicate peacefully about politics, they must themselves remain neutral in order to present their ideas, or one side will object, and it will defeat their purpose. This was what I was pointing out. When they tip their hand by criticizing one side’s politics, they lose their authority with the opposing side, and it limits their reach. They will alienate the other political side.

I think I made it very clear that I welcome their comments about getting along, which both pastors want to teach. I am not a “Trumper”, though the Bible teaches us to pray for those in authority, and I do. I am an independent, and I want to see fair play. Pastor Wilson stated that his purpose was to help people stop fighting about politics and stop letting politics divide us. I’m all for that. However, if he or Rev. Brehe side with either political party as they say they are trying to bring peace, I will speak up. It is not in keeping with their stated goal.

Arbiters for peace must remain neutral, Kristin. If, however, they wish to criticize one candidate or the other, they should not do it under the guise of being peacemakers. That is an entirely different subject, and they should expect pushback from those who disagree. That’s part of the price for making their views public in the newspaper. I simply remind them that “iron sharpens iron” (Proverbs 27:17), and if they listen to those comments, their writing will be more effective.

So, Kristin, please do not be offended. I am simply challenging both pastors to remain neutral and become true peacemakers in this area. I’m sure they have some good ideas on the subject.

Sheri Schofield


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