Let's 'holster' the silliness

Let's 'holster' the silliness

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Rep. Rodney Garcia's claim that the Constitution supports shooting socialists is reckless as well as ignorant, demonizing rhetoric.

To the Montana Republican Party's credit, they have called on Garcia to resign. Apparently, though, their discomfort did not extend to the "inciter-in-chief" whose "rally lingo" possibly emboldened Garcia to utter his comment.

I support laws, initially promoted by socialists throughout our history, accepted today as mainstream, such as minimum wage, 40-hour workweek, child labor laws and safe working conditions.

I also believe in public education, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, unions, a livable wage (if it's not livable, what good is it?), etc.

So, I am unsure whether I am a socialist by Garcia's standards. Perhaps, to be safe, I'll order a bulletproof vest with "b.p." jockey shorts from a capitalist to protect my aging hide.

Let's "holster" such divisive, dangerous silliness. It's time to stop the name-calling.

John Ilgenfritz




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