Today I experienced two things that I have experienced before. While I was in Lowe’s to pick up supplies there were dogs with their people. The problem is the people did not in any way shape or form control their dogs. In a snap of a finger one of the dogs started barking and pulling its person toward another dog with its person. Then dogs did what dogs do. It ended quickly but, why oh why did it happen at all?

The people who love their dogs, of which I am one with mine, need to leave the dog at home! I totally understand and support the use of trained and certified animal assistants, but a little furry ankle biter that is out of control is not only not trained, but not a certified dog.

My other experience will probably raise the ire of some even more than that of those who bring their dogs into stores: not liking firemen with boots in hand asking for donations from motorists on busy street intersections. No signage indicating their presence -- what a safety hazard! Do it somewhere else! People drive horribly enough why add that hazard to things?

James Muskovich


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