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Nobel Peace Laureate, Archbishop Desmond Tutu came to Helena in December 1991 from his home in South Africa. One of the many amazing things that grew out of his visit was the encouragement of the Montana legislature to ratify the Martin Luther King National Holiday, which it did early in 1992. It was a hopeful sign that Montana had finally joined with 48 other states in the recognition of MLK for his monumentally consequential life. What a stirring moment in Montana history. Some 4,000 Montanans chose to witness firsthand Tutu’s all-inclusive brand of kindness.

Fast-forward to today, it seems we have a president who continues to practice a pattern of racist behavior much to our national and our world’s detriment. His latest degradation of the entire continent of Africa and the nations of Haiti and El Salvador stuns even the most cynical.

We cannot say how Montanans should respond to our president’s destructive racist antics, maybe just keep doing what is right when nobody is looking, seeking in our everyday lives right here in Helena to find ways to be nurturing and kind to the unsuspecting folks with whom we cross paths. Maybe we ordinary people in our ordinary town will join others across America and overwhelm this current history.

Bob FitzGerald, Tim Holmes and Rusty Harper

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