Kathleen is the right choice.

I worked with her 10 years ago and can vouch for all the high praise she has been given by readers in Letters to the Editor.

She is more than an exceptional person. She stands alone. How do you think it was that Kathleen went from a lowly and little known state representative to the nominee of the Democratic Party in the race for Montana’s sole representative in Washington, D.C., with a real chance to unseat Montana’s stooge to the banks, corporations and big business and not the people who elected him?

When I heard Kathleen got the nomination, all I said was “That’s Kathleen.”

Kathleen has the unique ability to win. She was born with it. You can see it in her charisma. Ask any of the hundreds of folks in Bozeman that elected her to the State House of Representatives in Helena, the state capital.

Kathleen has no baggage. Oh, don’t believe those lies Gianforte puts on TV. What kind of a guy he is he anyway? One who physically attacks someone who asked him a hard question. Is that going to happen when the rubber meets the road in Washington? Absolutely.

Jack Lynch


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