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Rep. Greg DeVries voted against HB 175. I also don’t support it. State government is inefficient and run by at least some who don’t make sound decisions. Examples of government doing something efficiently and cost-effectively are hard to find. If you have examples, please share. But, legislation that gives them more money doesn’t make good fiscal sense.

I was a state employee for almost 18 years until Riverside Youth Correctional Facility in Boulder was suddenly temporarily closed for renovation last October. Riverside has not yet reopened. Unfortunately, peculiar handling of a state facility is not new. Remember the Legislature’s closing of Montana Developmental Center?

HB 175 includes raises for state employees. Should we increase the salaries of Reginald Michael (agency head, DOC), making $53.27 an hour, according to https://transparency.mt.gov, and Cynthia Wolken (operations manager, DOC), making $57.20 an hour? No, indeed! They should demonstrate accountability for questionable decisions at DOC they have been part of, instead of getting a raise.

It’s difficult to understand why some legislators vote against legislation containing pay raises for state employees, yet, it is the right thing to do. Until existing state revenues are correctly handled, let’s not give the state more money.

Susanne Shultz


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