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I am impressed with Lewis and Clark County and our voters. I couldn't help but notice that L&C county had the largest turnout of registered voters in nearly a quarter century for a midterm election. Think about that for a second and think about the message we sent to politicians this week. The message we all sent was: 1. You better straighten up and fly right. 2. We the people demand civility, compassion, respect, dignity and caring among other things from our politicians.

This week's vote was billed as "the most important election of our lifetime." I beg to disagree, they are all important. Had we seen the enthusiasm in the election that we saw on Tuesday we as a country would not be in the mess we are today with Donald Trump. Your vote counted! You as a voter made your voice heard and you exercised the final check and balance on our government which is the vote of the people. That's what the founding fathers envisioned! The true victory wasn't that the Democrats gained back some control or the Republicans held onto some control. The real victory is that democracy prevailed. I am impressed!

Richard Fisher


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