I'm an Affordable Care Act Navigator, which means it's my job to help anyone who needs it find access to health insurance. I wasn't very aware of the challenges faced by transgender Montanans before doing this job. But now I believe that our transgender neighbors should have the same rights and access to public facilities as all other Montanans.

I-183 threatens those rights and intrudes on personal freedoms, all while asking local governments to foot the bill for unreasonable and unethical regulations. The proposed initiative would force Montanans to submit to anyone demanding to see paperwork before allowing access to facilities in public spaces, such as libraries, parks and schools.

And all of this will cost Montana real money. North Carolina lost $5 billion in federal funding, $40 million in business investment and 1,250 jobs after enacting a similar “bathroom bill.” I hope you'll join me in supporting transgender Montanans and opposing I-183.

Marguerite Jodry