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For the most part and with few exception, parents love and cherish their children. They protect their children, even to the extent of giving up their lives to protect their children.

How can any parent in any country send their minor child, unaccompanied, on a 1,000-plus miles journey across a foreign country, to illegally cross the border of a third country with the hope that strangers will provide food, clothing, shelter and medical care for your child?

How many children, unaccompanied or not, have crossed from Central America into southern Mexico? How many have crossed from Mexico into the United States? How many children have been abducted, murdered or have been placed into slavery? Does anyone know or even care? Maybe the parents in Central America are wondering why they have not heard from their children.

Maybe the liberals and do-gooders should be looking at how many children successfully make the journey instead of how they are treated when they arrive, legally or illegally, in the United States.

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Am I missing something?

Jerry Hutch



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