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In this coming election we are going to hear the candidates tell us that they can work across the aisle. What does that mean? Does it mean that they could work across the aisle and they will? Does it mean they understand that compromise means conceding some things to another point-of-view so both sides win?

I have always thought that if you cannot argue for the other side, you don't really understand the problem. Gov. Kasich of Ohio has it right, we need to hear positive messages rather than always the finger pointing and what is wrong and no solutions offered, or offered in such general terms, that the words are meaningless. I do want to know what is wrong with another person's viewpoint, but there really is such a thing as positive criticism. Even if you are so fed up with politics that you will vote the party line, at least hold the folks you vote for accountable for their campaign words and vote responsibly.

Connie Forbes



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