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The process to determine the fate of the Historic Montana Carsley Fountain as decided by the Helena City Commission on 8-16-17 was wrong and possibly illegal. As then-Commissioner Ellison stated it “Rather than the commission’s usual approach of starting with a discussion, gathering input, resolution of intention, public hearings and proceeding deliberately to a consensus decision, taking action today seems to be the best option before us.”

Now as the Carsley Fountain sits in an empty field, its final fate will once again to be decided by a group of people without public input or discussion. Only this time it will be behind closed doors.

Is this what our democracy has become? A country where the perception of a few persons of a work of art determines the perception of that work of art for the rest of us?

To the select few who will decide the fate of the Historic Montana Carsley Fountain, please consider that your own perception of what that fountain represents may be different as to how others see it. By destroying this Montana Historical art work, all diverse viewpoints will forever be blinded.

Greg Cooper


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