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Help clean up Montana politics

Help clean up Montana politics

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The vast majority of Montanans I grew up with considered honesty and fairness more important than winning. Winning by cheating wasn’t winning at all. The proliferation of voter suppression efforts in Montana indicates that many who hold political power no longer live according to those principles. Winning is far more important than fairness, democratic principles or any measure of personal integrity. Face it, voter suppression IS “voter fraud”! It’s an effort to secure an election outcome fraudulently.

Each of us owes it to our state to start today working to overwhelm the voter suppression efforts in play. Start by making sure you’re registered to vote in 2022 and have an ID that fulfills current rules. Then help all your eligible voter family members and friends to make sure they are registered and have adequate ID.

Don’t stop there! Start working to replace any Montana politician who would cheat to win. Doesn’t matter whether you’re Republican or Democrat, you should want those who represent you to be honest Montanans who believe in fairness. Join a nonpartisan group working for election fairness. Write letters to the editor. Participate in voter education efforts. Do whatever you can to clean up politics in Montana.

Galen McKibben




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