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I would like to thank the IR for their efforts to get information from the mayor and the city manager. After reading the editorial by the IR staff, strange thoughts come to mind about the mayor and city manager.

Those questions asked by the IR should be answered by these two, as they are in the best position to answer them. Just what is going on with the personnel and why are they leaving? Yes, there will be some who leave when new folks take over, and a lower morale, but not usually to this extent.

The idea of having a Public Information Officer seems a little far-fetched. Why? Is this so that the mayor and city manager can distance themselves from the people of Helena, or once the PIO gives answers they can change their stance if the information does not go well? Besides, having a PIO in a city no larger than Helena is a waste of money that the city can ill afford to throw away. Maybe the PIO is to cover while the mayor makes his run for the senate.

Thanks IR for doing a good job on this.


Charlie P. Hull Jr.

East Helena

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