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I for one, have not heard anything from the Department of Health or on the news media, regarding the potential adverse effects of this caravan traversing Mexico.

So far as I know, there are certain standards currently in force regarding immigrants to this country. They must show or prove immunity to certain infectious diseases and/or are required to obtain immunization to certain diseases. They are to undergo medical examinations to exclude certain diseases, such as tuberculosis and presumably sexually transmitted diseases. Their health status must be evaluated to exclude any infectious disease for obvious reasons.

This Caravan moving across Mexico is without effective public health, medical care and medical facilities. What will happen should they contract (it is in season now) Influenza? What will happen should they contract some other infectious diseases? Their lack of sanitary facilities puts them, and everyone concerned at high risk.

These issues will come at significant cost to U.S. taxpayers. But it is necessary to keep an epidemic of diseases from invading the United States of America and for that matter, Mexico.

Robert E. Wynia


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