Saw the GOP was out in force against Medicaid expansion; it costs too much, it will saddle future generations with its costs. GOP ignores Medicaid expansion benefits almost 10% of Montana's population. One senator read a list of Medicaid expansion payments made to Montana hospitals and somehow drew the conclusion that only hospitals benefit, completely ignoring the fact that those payments represented Montanans actually getting needed health care. GOP somehow also overlooks that most of the Medicaid expansion costs are paid for with federal, not state dollars.

The GOP then turns around and wants to write a blank check for NorthWestern Energy to buy the Colstrip power plant knowing full well it will saddle every Montana household with the millions and perhaps billions of dollars its going to cost to close Colstrip (yes, Colstrip is going to close) and clean up the environmental damage.

Not sure who's worse, the GOP who say “support NorthWestern buying Colstrip or we won't support Medicaid expansion,” or the ones who just proclaim “Medicaid expansion is too expensive,” but still support the NorthWestern Energy bill.

The GOP? Just pigs at the trough. A pox on their house. Let the Legislature know what you think at 444-4800.

John Johnson


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