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Open letter to Rep. Gianforte and Sen. Daines:

How in the name of your “Christian faith” can you continue to support the likes of Mr. Trump? It baffles me because you have declared and professed your Christian beliefs and ethics which basically denounce a person who pathologically lies and cheats, is racist, sexist, pays off porn stars to silence them, separates children from their parents and then cages them, grabs women’s private parts and thinks that’s okay, mocks disabled people, bashes war heroes and dodges the draft so that he wouldn’t have to serve in the military. If you don’t agree with these facts, then I can only surmise that you are as heinous as him and that you suffer from complete denial of the truth that looks you in the face every day. I expect my Montana members of Congress to be honest and ethical, uphold their oath of office and honor our most honorable Constitution and defend our Democracy. Your sirs are not living up to your oath. You have become part of Trump’s herd of “Republican sheep,” although frankly, I think real sheep are smarter and more sensible.

Joy Lewis


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