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I read the editorials and some of the newspaper reports and I wonder what planet these writers are living on. Don’t these reporters love America?

The media in general reports on President Trump at a 90 percent negative rate. How can anyone be wrong 90 percent of the time? Even my wife only says I am wrong 75 percent of the time.

For those of you who actually believe the media, just look around at what has actually been happening with yourself, your friends and your family. More people are at work, food stamp recipients are down, the economy is booming as never before, taxes are lower, gas prices are lower and the world situation has become more stable. You could not say that during the reign of President Barack Obama. Not on any one of those issues. Don’t believe me, just look around and observe the current situation in Missoula and Montana in general. And it will get even better.

We finally have a president who loves America and is doing what he said he would do. Crazy regulations are going away and businesses have more confidence in creating a business plan. That helps everyone — you included.

Charles Brekjern


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