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The letter to the editor that asks us to “examine the fantasy of firearm self-defense” was filled with many generalizations, and few facts.

They quoted the medical journal PEDIATRICS as saying that 1,200 children die and 5,790 are injured annually from guns, but failed to note that these “children” are often gang members. This is a common tactic among anti-gun advocates — to inflate numbers as much as possible, in order to make their case for more gun control.

They went on to state that the risks of guns exceed the “occasional” benefit, without taking into account the great number of times guns are used to deter crime and not reported to the police. A crime deterred is often a crime not reported.

The person with the “fantasy about guns” is not the law-abiding gun owner, but those who think that fewer guns means less crime. In fact, the opposite is the case as large cities such as Chicago, New York City and Los Angeles — all of which have virtual gun bans — also have some of the highest murder rates in the U.S.

Edward Meardon


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