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We have a problem, not just in Montana, but nationwide, with this wildly out-of-control entity of government no longer serving the people: Child and Family Services.

It began with the Mondale Act of 1974, and again under Bill Clinton's Adoption and Safe Families Act in the '90s, at which time this entire nightmare began with incentivized removals; the longer the removal, the more funding for the department. The children's relationship with the natural parents is severed, with little regard for the trauma and disturbance in that familial bond, and the horrific outcomes of removals, alongside a failed foster care system that churns out yet more lost souls, with due respect to those very decent people whose hearts are sincere — you are the exception, and not the rule, unfortunately.

This is big business! Families who struggle and parents confused by this punitive system running amok are desperate for lawmen to look at this. We can do better as a society, because we must. We have constitutional rights, human rights and fundamental rights and responsibilities to families, and not just a massive overreach into private lives, playing God.

This massive overreach into the privacy of family is unconscionable, and hidden behind the "child savers" predators.

Deidre Lechowski-Mercado

Seeley Lake

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