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Just where will it stop, or why do we really push without really thinking it through?

Mrs. Dunwell and backers of her bill would like to push minimum wage to $15 over a two-year period. What will be the long-term effects?

Not long ago I was speaking to a 20-plus fellow, a high school dropout, and this raise will affect him and those he works with. His take was: I am making around $12 now and many of the folks here make over $10. Yes, $15 sounds good, but I do not need it. If they raise it, one or more of the folks here will be laid off and I do not want to see that. One could be me, since I already have worked my way up. Besides, everything else will follow going up.

Now even a high school dropout can figure this out, and he has concern for others who will be laid off. Why can’t Mrs. Dunwell and gang figure it out?

From my point of view, I make around this new minimum wage, and in doing so I qualify for nothing, even as a single income couple. First, I cannot afford insurance for myself and my wife from my company, nor can I afford the Obama plan without a high deductible. When my wife went to St. Peter’s we did not qualify for either Medicare or Medicaid assistance. Some of this may be my own making, since I am of the age to retire. What I have saved paid St. Peter’s. The next visit I am paying from SSI that I receive each month. It is good I am still able to work.

Fifteen dollars per hour? I wonder why the state has not already gone to this if it will cost nothing to do? Or how many senators and House members that back this, why are they not already doing this? Why is it they have to be made to do it if it is such a great thing? Should they not do it on their own?

It may sound good, but is it really? I have not found it so, nor does my high school dropout believe it will be good.

Charlie P. Hull Jr.

East Helena

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