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Emily Dean does more than just believe in the importance of transparency in city government. She has a well-researched and thoughtful plan to make transparency in how the City of Helena operates a reality.

Emily has pledged to improve usability on the city website, make use of the HCTV broadcast capabilities for the Wednesday administrative meetings and other city meetings as possible, consistently post meeting calendars with agendas and documents on all mediums in advance, implement a citizen email distribution list for the weekly City Manager updates, and proactively reach out to stakeholder groups to solicit input.

I appreciate Emily Dean's dedication to making sure the taxpayers of Helena know how and why their city government is spending their tax dollars, which is why Emily has my vote for Helena City Commission. Please join me in supporting Emily to improve transparency in city government and invite participation from all Helena residents. All of us working together have a stake in Helena's future, and Emily Dean will work hard to make sure we can all participate and know what our city government is doing with our tax dollars. Please vote Emily Dean for Helena City Commission.

Abigail St. Lawrence


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