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Embarrassed to be represented by Daines

Embarrassed to be represented by Daines

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In regard to the recent impeachment trial, what a travesty! For a former president, who is a criminal, a cheater, a liar, a narcissist, a misogynist, and someone who incited a mob to storm and desecrate (that includes urinating and defecating!) our nation’s capital, to have been acquitted of the crime of incitement to riot is absolutely unimaginable, except that it’s true! How can something like this happen in America? How can 43 Republican senators acquit a man who is obviously guilty of the charged crime after viewing the graphic videos and listening to the arguments that the House managers put forward in their prosecution of Trump? The answer is they weren’t listening, weren’t observing and didn’t care. These senators, including one of Montana’s senators, Steve Daines, certainly lack courage, are afraid of Trump and his supposed “base,” and have no sense of “what is right.” These people are definitely not “profiles in courage,” as defined by President John F. Kennedy in his book "Profiles in Courage," an account of past U.S. congressmen who displayed tremendous courage in “doing the right thing,” when the consequences of their actions were indeed dire.

I’m actually embarrassed to live in a state where a senator like Daines, who bows to Trump, can be elected to the U.S. Senate. My challenge to the 43 Republican senators, including Daines, is to watch the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” the greatest depiction of war in cinematic history, to experience in living color the ultimate sacrifice that thousands of young men made for our country. Those men would be absolutely horrified at the actions and lack of respect and decency shown by the Capitol mob, and the complete lack of accountability to which the solipsistic demagogue (Trump) was held by those senators. We should all be so horrified. Disgust also comes to mind!

Dr. Steve Michelson

East Helena



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