I am writing because the course of my life could depend on the decisions leaders make in Washington, D.C. In my 20 years I have battled chondrosarcoma, a rare type of cancer. I have undergone surgery to remove the cancer but will need long term monitoring to ensure it does not recur.

Complicating matters, I also suffer from ulcerative colitis and celiac disease. The management of my ulcerative colitis was difficult and included every available medication, but still resulted in surgical removal of my colon. I am thankful for the medical treatments helping me today, and I look forward to improvements on the horizon.

I am passionate about medical advancements. It would be wonderful if no one else experienced the struggles I have endured. With so much debate about the future of health care, I worry politics might interfere, and I could lose out on the potential cures to put these medical issues behind me for good.

Cures are possible in my lifetime and I’m asking that our congressional delegation do everything in their power to ensure the U.S. continues to foster innovation, research and pharmaceutical development, so people like me can continue to have hope for a disease-free future.

Aeden Pierce


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