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Do your part to save our species

Do your part to save our species

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There are growing indications that we, the human species, are on the way to eliminating ourselves as a viable species on Earth. Many species have come and gone. Always before, however, extinctions were caused by unavoidable circumstances; massive asteroid collisions, inordinate volcanic activity. If we allow it, our species will be the first to cause its own extinction.

And, by the way, as we continue down the self-destruction highway, we are taking many species with us. It is believed that as many as 467 of Earth's species disappeared in the last decade.

What to do? Read! Think critically! Recognize that many politicians, pundits, industrial leaders, even religious leaders are driven more by self-interest, desire for power, greed than by a genuine interest in the well-being of others. Don’t seek to “believe in” science; understand science. When numerous scientists say one thing and a politician says smother, remember what drives politicians.

Finally, take responsibility for doing your bit. Don't drive when you can walk. Take mass transit when available. Demand that the leaders you support are smart enough and strong enough to resist the lure of power and money. Do all you can to help save our species.

Galen McKibben




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