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You don’t have to be a fan of President Trump’s to see that House Democrats are playing into his hands — assuring his 2020 reelection.

The mantra “Congress has a duty to the American people to get the facts” (Boston Globe editorial a month ago) sounds noble. But Trump’s weep of unfair treatment will grow stronger in all the red states so long as House Dems waste time and money seeking “the little man who wasn’t … isn’t … there.”

You would think Democrats could make a case for replacing Trump based on their big issues: national health care, living wage for all, improved international relations and (not theirs, but should be) cleaning up the inner cities by providing increased youth job training and opportunity.

But no.

Let’s beat the impeachment drum, though it leaves a sound akin to “one hand clapping.”

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In sum, the Dems might as well be campaigning for Trump.

Certainly, their behavior makes a strong case for congressional term limits.

Ed Chaberek


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