Democrats are too critical of Trump

Democrats are too critical of Trump

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In response to John Andrew's letter, critical of Trump and praising Bullock, what is your position? Trump closed off travel from China to the U.S. in January, when all of the political hacks, AKA Democrats, were critical of his racist actions. Racist, the word of the day for Dems. Even China jumped onto the bandwagon calling the U.S. racist. Way to go Dems.

And what is your position regarding the four U.S. senators that dumped their stocks with insider trading? How about the NBA players defending China, which is where their paycheck comes from, then jumping to the head of the line to be tested for the virus. The first responders should be at the top of the list.

As usual, you and other Dems are more concerned about politics, being critical of every action taken by the President. Even Ilhan Omar praised Trump's quick actions. Is she now a right leaning politician? Get politics out of the way and look for ways to help, not hinder and criticize.

Peter Fabiani




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