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Democrats accepted election results despite distaste for Trump

Democrats accepted election results despite distaste for Trump

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I don’t get it. We get a letter to Reader’s Alley saying “For the past four years, the Democrats never (accepted) President Donald Trump as their president. Now (it’s) our turn to reject their president …” and two days later we get a political cartoon accusing the Democrats of “4 years of not accepting election results.”

What in the world is this based on? In 2016, the Democratic candidate led in the popular vote and graciously conceded on Nov. 9 once the electoral vote was called for Donald Trump by The Associated Press. The very next day the president — a member of the Democratic party — met with President-elect Donald Trump and the transition process began in as timely and smooth a manner as any election in my long lifetime.

Please bear in mind that distaste for a president is not to be remotely confused with refusing to accept an election result. For example, the citizenry should be fine with the former and utterly unaccepting of the latter. If Republicans feel they have a just cause other than the pursuit of power to contest this election, let it at least go forward without this tired and meritless claim that the Democrats did not accept the election results of 2016.

Craig Wright




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