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Dear U.S. Sens. Jon Tester, Steve Daines and U.S. Congressman Greg Gianforte:

I just read the president's latest insane tweet notifying Congress of future actions against Iran in a "disproportionate manner" after threatening to violate the Geneva Convention by declaring he had 52 sites in Iran in mind, including cultural sites.

Donald Trump poured gasoline on Iran and the Middle East when he pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, which was a brilliant stabilizer, and Iran, by all accounts, was abiding by their end of the deal.

Now, Trump has assassinated one of Iran's national heroes, effectively throwing a match onto his already smoldering fire. I understand that Trump was given multiple choices and he chose the most extreme measure. Other presidents also had this choice and were wise enough not to use it.

I can't take this anymore; governing our country by tweet. This is insane and highly dangerous. Almost four years of chaos, daily pathological lies, insulting our allies, attacking people personally, betraying the Kurds, ad nauseam.

I demand that you do everything in your power to stop this madness. It is your responsibility and duty to our republic, to our democracy, to America.

Rose Davis


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