It’s time for Sen. Steve Daines to get his priorities straight. Responding to Trump’s attack on four Congressional women of color, Daines accused the four of being “radical socialists” and “anti-American,” at a time when the nation faces consequential issues like climate change and income inequality.

For the past decade the world has recorded record temperatures and more frequent and devastating floods and droughts, which ultimately will affect daily life in America, our assets, and our ability to produce food. In addition, we have the issue of income inequality where the richest 1% own more income than the combined incomes of 90% of the U.S. population. The tax system also favors this 1% with billionaire Warren Buffett paying at a lower tax rate than his secretary. Taxes on wages are higher than the tax on investments.

These issues will have serious consequences for the average American in the very near future. I suggest if you have children and are concerned about the world they will inherit that you contact Daines and suggest that he work on issues that really matter.

Brian Shovers


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