Daines is working to protect us from devastating wildfires

Daines is working to protect us from devastating wildfires

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Every summer, Montanans are stuck breathing smoke from wildfires that surround our communities and engulf our forests. Wildfires take a toll on our health, businesses, economy, and overall way of life. Throughout his time serving the people of Montana, Senator Steve Daines has continued to put Montana communities first by working tirelessly to push for meaningful forest management legislation to protect our families, forests, and our futures.

Daines has continued to stand up to radical environmental groups by supporting legislation that ends frivolous litigation, protects Montana jobs, and manages our nation’s forests with common-sense policies.

In fact, Daines has worked across the aisle and is currently putting together a major bipartisan forest management reform bill with Senator Diane Feinstein that will protect our communities, accelerate post-fire restoration, and take preventative measures to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. The legislation will also address the abuse of the legal system by extreme environmentalists who work to disrupt forest management projects.

Our nation has seen far too many devastating wildfires that have brought significant loss to families across the country. Steve Daines is taking meaningful steps to create healthy forests, put public safety first, and protect our Montana way of life.

DeAnna Anderson




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