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Daines doesn't deserve to represent Montana

Daines doesn't deserve to represent Montana

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Mr. Daines,

I doubt you’ve read the redacted Mueller investigation that clearly stated the Russian government did interfere with our 2016 elections. Attorney General Barr blatantly lied about the results to derail the impeachment hearings, and as a result Trump was acquitted by the Republican Senate. Trump lost that election popular vote, but the Electoral College overruled the will of the people and he became president.

The 2020 elections were quite a different story, not only did President-elect Biden win both the Electoral College and the popular vote, he won without any interference from a foreign adversary, however you and all the Republican enablers are still supporting this devious liar that has asked you and members of his corrupt administration to lie for him to overturn the election. Perjury used to be a felony, however the Trump administration has different rules that make it a slap on the wrist injustice. Every Republican who has enabled Trump to commit crimes as a sitting president should be prosecuted.

I can’t believe you have tossed your constituents under the bus again by challenging the electoral results because of some unfounded illegal voter scheme Trump has perpetuated. Your continuous lies, cowardly party loyalties, and commitment to Trump has defined your political reputation. You don’t deserve to represent the people of Montana, it seems your political values of prosperity, corruption and greed are not the same values we Montanans share.

Terry Lopuch




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