The current political focus is on continuing resolutions but, for me, protecting our children should be a higher priority. In Kentucky, Marshall County High School students were subjected to the worst possible scenario. This is only one of 11 mass shootings already this year, and by year's end we probably will have to endure hundreds more. (In 2017 there were more than 300 mass shootings.) If I were raising high school age children, I would recommend that they join the military and volunteer for duty in Afghanistan. That would probably result in better odds for them to survive until adulthood!

A recent political ad suggests that Democrats in congress are responsible for all the murders that result from activities of illegal immigrants. Perhaps, ALL congressmen are responsible for the victims of mass shootings?

When these tragedies occur, the measly response is always the same. Surely, Congress can do more than offering "thoughts and prayers"?

David Belitsky