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"How dare you," said the teenage girl from Sweden, where most people are fed up with the climate change baloney. Yes that's right Joan of Arc, er' Greta Thunberg, how dare your parents and leftist teachers steal your childhood and indoctrinate you with corrupted science and Marxist ideology?

Grade school kids demonstrating for awareness of a climate crisis here in the capital city right before a record breaking snowstorm pretty well indicates they are not being educated, and that some illusive spirit of some kind is always trying to get a word in on the subject too, in mysterious ways of course.

If Miss Thunberg would be concerned about a real problem threatening her native Sweden she would be protesting what is making her countrymen leave in droves to go live somewhere else, the mass immigration of people who have no intention of assimilating, and who have sent crime statistics soaring through the roof.

Obsidian Black Horse


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