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On Dec 17, 2017, an editorial, written by Miko Peled, the son of a well-known Israeli general, appeared in the IMEMC on-line news service. Its contents surprised me.

The Hareidi, a community of ultra-orthodox Jews, are protesting the incarceration of their young men, who follow orthodox teaching and refuse to serve in the Israeli military.

The Hareidi have lived in Jerusalem for close to 200 years. They opposed the formation of a Zionist state, but when forced to live in the newly formed state, they refused to abide by laws that ran counter to their teaching. Their “prohibition on waging war” led to their refusal to serve in the Israeli Army. The government granted Hareidi young men an exemption. That exemption was recently rescinded. About 30 young Hareidi men are being arrested every month. Some are being tortured.

Thousands are protesting. Here are samplings of signs they carry – “We will not serve in your army.” “Stop Zionist atrocities in Gaza and Lebanon.” “Torah forbids a Jewish State.” “Judaism rejects Zionism.” Israeli Police cause many injuries while breaking up demonstrations. These Jews support Palestinians. Is that why they are attacked by the State of Israel?

Trump supports demonstrators in Iran who are protesting government imposed hardships? But in Israel, he supports attacks on demonstrators who are protesting government imposed hardships? Judging from articles appearing in the IR, this double standard applies also to the American press.

Dean Grenz


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