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I find it very sad that the governor has determined Hecla is somehow a “bad actor” and wants to prevent them from developing the Rock Creek and Montanore mines. When I read the headlines last week, I thought this was an early April Fool’s Day joke.

Hecla? A bad actor?

The same Hecla that acquired the Troy Mine when it purchased Rock Creek from Revett, and is currently spending millions of dollars complying with the Troy reclamation plan? The same company that made the decision to begin the reclamation process on their own accord and not by the state or any other federal regulator? The mining company that did so because they wanted to illustrate to everyone in Montana how the other two mines would look after their closures?


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Sounds like the “bad actor” in this scenario is the state, led by Gov. Bullock. The governor is forcing us to add his name to the list of obstructionists that do not care about the opportunity these mines will bring to northwest Montana. Even if it’s a 127-year-old company that has never walked away from its social or environmental responsibilities building them. How sad.

Colleen Snyder



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