Bullock should take Antifa seriously

Bullock should take Antifa seriously

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I have sent several emails to Gov. Bullock regarding the group know as Antifa, which is an armed terrorist group that has ties to a few cities right here in Montana, and I still await a reply. Consider that the turmoil spreads throughout the United States, and far leaning left decide that they would also like to have an autonomous zone, say right here in Helena. What would Bullock do. Then they call for defunding of the police departments, remove any monuments or statues that offend them, you know, like the one Helena removed more than a year ago, placed there by the Daughters of the Confederacy. It wasn't to promote bigotry, but to show how much our country has grown since the days of slavery. It's history, plain and simple. Shall we tear out the pages of history books that depict anything that these groups despise. Wake up governor, or are you too busy working on your run for a Senate seat.

Peter Fabiani



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