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Manager John Bibler and his crew of the Resurrection Pet Cemetery went to the Helena pet cemetery and trimmed all the trees. They have been on it for about three or four weeks now. My goodness, what a difference out there. John is also going to build a new memorial cabinet as the others are rotting. They are appreciated.

I also would like to acknowledge the Sunset Memorial Gardens as Brad has kept us in flowers for our graves for years, as well as the East Helena Cemetery. They also save their flowers for us. We at the pet cemetery are not too proud to take used goods. If they are usable, we use it.

Thanks for everything, to all who have kept the cemetery going. Damion and Gary Peterson are working hard to get more grave toppers done. That alone is going to be a blessing, as I don't have to worry about them falling apart or sinking. Powder Works has painted some of the toppers. And thanks to Paul Kent of Peers; he and his crew come out two times a year for cleanup. Thank you.

Kaye Schloss

East Helena

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