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Biden embraces diversity

Biden embraces diversity

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No longer are there only white men standing behind the president!

President Biden has chosen a Cabinet of diversity which truly blesses our beautiful country. His pick of highly qualified, talented and exceptional individuals will bring much needed growth and cultural representation to our country: an African American/Asia American VP, a Native American secretary of interior, African Americans as ambassador to UN, secretary of defense, administer of EPA, secretary of HUD, the chair for Counsel of Economic Advisors, an Asian American as U.S. trade representative, Latino American as secretary of homeland security, a gay man as secretary of transportation, all working with Caucasian members of the Cabinet.

Recently, due to the census, Montana has been granted another seat in Congress. It is time Montana gets rid of the "white man" mentality. With what our Republican Legislature is attempting to do to harm human rights in our state, what I fear they will try to do to our public lands, and what they are attempting to do to voting rights should give us all reason to pause.

Rita A. Williams




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