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In the IR Jan. 26 issue I read a letter you graciously printed under the title “Media's 1-sided propaganda our biggest enemy.” In it, the news media is presented as a liberal monolith.

Perhaps the writer hasn’t read the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal or George Will, who gets a lot of space in this and many other papers across America. He misses another key difference between our news media and a media controlled by a government. Our is a free press even when it doesn’t agree with what you would like it to present as news. Granted, MSNBC goes over the line sometimes, but PBS doesn’t.

I’m not a journalist, but I once took a class in journalism where I learned a great deal of respect for that kind of writing. It’s very demanding and unforgiving. One lie and your career is over. A misspelling or grammatical error and you are called to the woodshed. The ones who make it to the top are very scrupulous about their facts and assertions. We should thank the founders every day for people who do this work. To attack them as a monolith is to attack democracy itself. The free press and the judiciary are now under assault by our current leader, flanked by the highest ranking members of the Republican Party who have accepted his way. Law enforcement is not being spared either, because it appears to be closing in on the president.

If the reporting on this is evil socialism, then what does that make the opposition? Fascism.

Phil Cohea


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