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Dear Doctor,

I am writing this letter in hopes you can give a pat on the back and kudos to some of your employees for an outstanding job on 24 July, 2017 at the cardiopulmonary unit of St. Peter’s Hospital. You have some excellent people as your employees.

I must first let you know a little about me. I am a 100 percent disabled veteran and former law enforcement officer. In the past year I have been in six hospitals, including St. Peter’s (2), Fort Harrison, Benefis in Great Falls, as well as Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon, Washington. Over my past 82 years of life, I have been in more hospitals than I can remember.

And what does that have to do with this letter? Simple! When it comes down to nurses and doctors, I do know a little about them. The folks at your cardiopulmonary should be recognized for an outstanding professional mission that they completed on July 24, 2017.

Here is the story. I had an appointment for my rehab on the 24th of July at 10:30; when I arrived, I could not believe the amount of patients in the facility doing their rehab. I did stop counting at 13 folks and only three RNs and a student helper. These nurses, as I observed, were always moving about the unit taking BP or oxygen count and helping folks with their oxygen. One nurse seeing that all the BP cuffs were being used, and without hesitation, went to the cabinet, retrieving another BP cuff and went back to her patient she had been working on with the ox meter.

This movement with all the machines, patients, and the nurses in this small area was amazing. Your professionals were a beautiful, magnificent, energetic, diligent, caring and very well inspired functioning team. You could not find the head nurse; this was, as we say in the military, “All Hand Evolution.” Forgive me for saying this, but they are “one helluva team.” I would not hesitate for a second to say I would like to have this team with me aboard my ship in combat. These youngsters knew their jobs and moved around to each and every one of their patients like the Angels of Mercy that they are. It was a professional commitment to excellence. Some of the nurses in cardiopulmonary: Kristen, Kathy, Joe, Karen, Shawnee, Lindsey. As a former combat Marine in Korea, I classify your people as corpsmen.

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Semper Fidelis.

James E. Heffernan



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