I finally agree — to a certain extent — with Mr. Trump about something: The sinister DEEP STATE does control our nation’s government — but it’s called the NRA.

Besides that, I don’t agree with him about much of anything — particularly his response to the now-actionable information that Russia worked to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Our commander in chief should be outraged at this attack. In keeping with the oath he swore to defend and uphold the Constitution, he should be leading the charge both to remedy the damage that’s been done, as well as to prevent anything like it from happening again in future elections. But he isn’t.

I realize he has a lot on his plate: laying the blame for the Florida school shooting, tweeting that Oprah is insecure, and giving his opponents nicknames are priorities that really demand the attention of our chief executive.

Seriously, Americans deserve better and we deserve a do-over on the 2016 election. The president’s so-called “victory” is so clouded by doubt and mistrust that he should willingly step aside. If not, Americans should assert their right to select their leader in a free and fair election.

Ralph Yaeger