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A dangerous firearm bill

A dangerous firearm bill

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This year is starting badly for gun violence prevention in Montana. A bill, House Bill 102, is promoting display of firearms, more widespread concealed carry of firearm. HB 102 will bring firearms to college campus, will allow firearms in previously banned locations, and will reduce regulations concerning concealed carry of handguns.

Referencing incorrect constitutional arguments and implying any restrictions on firearms violate the rights of Americans to bear firearms, this bill will allow widespread possession of firearms without demonstration of skill, knowledge or judgment necessary to safely handle the weapon in public.

Increased firearm prevalence in a community is associated with greater firearm death and injury by accident, criminal intent, emotional bad judgment or wanton disregard for safety. It is far more likely that a firearm carried for protection will injure the owner, a member of his/her family, or an innocent, than to be used defensively.

Contact your representative to oppose this bill.

John Mott




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