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So much for dreams. Trump putting an end to DACA is akin to snuffing candles in a house of worship. It is a sad but not unnoticed irony that Germany is among the most welcoming of western european nations to Syrian refugees while the United States looks to find a short route to deportation of innocent and hopeful children.

Germany, a country that at the beginning of my lifetime, was engaged in systematic annihilation of people who did not fit the White Aryan pattern, now opens its arms, borders and national fund to those in need. Now, as my generation approaches our elder years, the promise inscribed upon monuments all over our country, that we will embrace the tired, poor, huddled masses, yearning to be free, is meaningless.

There is a cancer on our presidency, perhaps more malignant than the one that afflicted Nixon and his criminal comrades. This cancer threatens to turn the clock back two centuries in the name of race and ethnic purification.

It is high time that the cancer is excised before it becomes systemically lethal.

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Randy Dix



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