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    On July 27, Steve Daines joined 40 of his Republican Senate colleagues and voted against the PACT Act, a pro-vet bill that had already passed the House.

    Many pharmacists in states with abortion bans are refusing to fill prescriptions for certain medications — methotrexate, misoprostol, and mifepristone — until they’ve confirmed that the medications will not be used for abortion. That creates a new burden in getting medical treatment for anyo…

    According to a research of names, a group of ravens is called a congress or unkindness. Seems to fit our two Republican members to a T, picking over the remains of dead objects.

    What really concerns me is who is replacing Meier. Charlie Brereton, who is Meier's chief of staff, and health policy advisor to Gianforte, will assume the director's position in mid-August. 

    Watching the Jan. 6 hearings has become surreal. Trump staffers of all stripes now condemn him while the most they did on that fateful day was timidly ask him to call it off. 


    Are you passing through Montana’s Yellowstone Country this summer but don’t have enough time to tour the park? Don’t worry! There are a host of wonderful activities and day trips around the region to satisfy your need for adventure. 

    If it weren’t so damaging, I would find it laughable that the Republican Party is so concerned about election integrity that they now want to hand count all the ballots. At their recent platform convention, Rep. Theresa Manzella lamented that citizens had lost their trust in the process.

    Are gun owners willing to be inconvenienced to reduce our national firearm death and injury epidemic? The simple truth is that America has inadequate firearm regulation because some current and future firearm owners do not want to be inconvenienced. A number of minor changes to current law w…

    As a member of the queer family, a citizen of Montana, and a leader of an event held during Pride Week and advertised with Montana Pride, I do not agree with the language and messaging of this year’s Montana Pride’s printed program.

    We have repeatedly heard from the Republican Party of the state of Montana and now Lewis and Clark County that the election of D. Trump was stolen. I am assuming that your party has proof that the election was stolen, so, I am asking the Republican party, including our governor, to take the …

    I am sincerely curious if the Lewis & Clark County Republicans had a dissenting group among them in their resolution to oppose the results of the 2020 presidential election.

    I pray that more people, especially those who support the pipeline, read and understand what we face when we harm creation and our earth.

    So Rep. Hinkle, Belgrade, believes that a fetus that results from rape should be carried to birth. So will rapists who evade the law, spawn even more babies than married men? The free-ranging rapist will never be required to support his sons until they are 18. And what does that do to the ov…

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