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    The author’s concern with the loss of privacy and freedom should logically extend beyond an expansion of the IRS. Most people likely favor the idea that all pay their fair share in taxes. 

      Why do Montanans see themselves as "tough" for not calling school when road conditions are horrendous?

      I agree with state Sen. Bogner (IR guest view March 10) that it’s not a good idea for the IRS to be preparing individual tax returns.

      Some Montana lawmakers are trying to redirect tens of millions of dollars that were intended by voters to protect wildlife habitat and create public access for our kids.

      In an IR editorial, Joanie Kresich (Jan. 26) wrote that the people who created Montana's new Constitution "... were everyday people: ranchers, teachers, homemakers and even a beekeeper from Lewistown.

      House Bill 372 would enshrine trapping as a Montana constitutional right. This makes no sense. Once in the Constitution, it would be very hard to get rid of. This awful bill would make lethal hunting, trapping and fishing the sole means of managing Montana’s wildlife.


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      The governor says Montana’s ready to manage grizzlies. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks draft management plan starts with “Trust Us,” and then proposes to limit Grizzly protection zones as narrowly possible.

      On the March 9 opinion page in the IR Senator Becky Beard of District 40 (where I reside) brags about her voting record in the current disastrous legislative session.

      Whatever happened to the light-hearted days when Montana legislators would boldly ban yoga pants, seriously debate Daylight Saving Time and embarrassingly pass a resolution denying climate change?

      As a former special education teacher, I urge everyone who cares about high-quality public education to contact your state senator and the Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee to ask them to vote NO on the "Students with Special Needs Equal Opportunity Act."

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