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Westside Woods will help fill the housing gap and create jobs

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Montana is in a housing crisis, and Helena itself has been dramatically impacted. Our town has a long history of attracting talented laborers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the state and country. Unfortunately, this tradition is being stopped in its tracks by the lack of affordable housing options; the demand is far greater than the supply, resulting in sky-rocketing home prices that have become out of reach for many. Helena has less than one hundred homes on the market here today. We have proposed a solution to help our town with a small part of this problem.

Imagine a city neighborhood where residents will have direct access to acres of parks, miles of trails, safe paths to excellent public schools, and proximity to all that nearby downtown Helena has to offer. Most importantly, a neighborhood that connects us to what we treasure most in Helena: homesites with mountain views, open spaces, and easy wilderness access from this carefully planned vision. A place with homes that a variety of people can afford and manage, with affordable options for multi-family condos and single-family homes on lots ranging in size up to a half-acre.

We believe neighborhoods should be multi-generational, multi-socioeconomic, have public access to open spaces, and be designed with environmental considerations at heart to be thriving communities. To quote the Prickly Pear Land Trust, we believe it's essential to, "connect people to the land." Sussex is striving to accomplish this at Westside Woods precisely.

Our vision for Westside Woods was born out of respect for its topography. Quality, sustainability, safety, and green building practices guide us at every turn. We've partnered with land conservationists, engineers, city staff, traffic experts, neighborhood design consultants, neighbors, and artists to create our vision for this beloved landscape encompassing expansive views, open spaces, and connectivity to a network of trails. This land inspires us all. We treasure it and want to honor it with responsible development while also meeting our community's needs.

Sussex is Helena-owned and operated and has created several quality Helena communities -- Heron Creek, Ridgeview, and Sussex Park. We chose this beautiful land with both the head and the heart. The Lewis and Clark County Community Development and Planning Department identified this land as a future growth area for the city. With over 25 years of experience in design, building, and development, Sussex created the Westside Woods to help fill the housing gap and create jobs.

The nearby Mount Helena trail system will get bigger and better with the addition of Westside Woods. As a result, locals will enjoy more miles of trails and open spaces to explore. In addition, homeowners will wake each day to see the Sleeping Giant nestled amongst the North Hills in the Rocky Mountains. The exceptional design and building standards planned for Westside Woods will protect the nearby property's value and enhance the neighborhood. Helena spoke, and we listened. Learn more about Westside Woods at

Signed by Bekka Cantrell, Sussex Construction CDO and CSO.



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