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During my service in the military, the Air Force would immediately start designing the next generation fighter jet while the previous generation jet was still on the assembly line. In the same way, both political parties should support President Trump’s tax plan so that we can create enough goodwill to build a far better tax system soon.

President Trump’s tax plan is designed to gain Democratic support by preserving high income taxes for the rich. It reduces business taxes to make the U.S. more competitive with foreign countries so we can attract more businesses. The tax cuts will boost job growth and help unions and retirees earn higher returns on their pensions so they can retire. Other parts of President Trump’s tax plan will simplify the tax code. I wholeheartedly support the President’s tax proposal because it promotes unity.

We need unity because the nation’s problems are so severe. Debts are so high that every taxpayer is on the hook to pay nearly $900,000 in unfunded liabilities. We cannot afford those debts because 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and millions of people face hunger every day. We cannot spend or tax our way out of this mess. Liberal and conservative economic strategies will no longer work.

We need new solutions. If you elect me to the Senate, I will build a new system designed to address every concern of both parties. I will help people can generate lots of money to get rid of their debts and build savings. We must interconnect people to solve each other’s problems as fast as possible. If we can solve everyone’s problems in more effective ways, then we don’t need to rely so heavily on government spending to get things done.

People need to solve each other’s problems through personal relationships without having to involve the federal government as much. For example, new technology allows us organize society to give each child a personalized education system that helps childern toward a lifetime goal.

Everyone needs their own personalized tax code, and it must adapt as circumstances change. Everyone is different, so the government should treat everyone differently. It makes no sense to tax children or young college students because we should invest in them, not take money from them. Businesses that are testing new ideas and need assistance should pay low taxes at first.

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We also need to harness everyone’s knowledge and opinions more effectively. The best system will employ everyone’s ideas, not just the elite few. You need a senator who will build a system that magnifies the power of your own personal knowledge and experience and allows you to benefit accordingly.

I support President Trump’s plan because it fixes defects in the tax code. When our car breaks down, we fix it. If it keeps breaking down, we buy another car. Let’s fix the tax code now. Then let’s build ourselves a brand-new tax system. 

James Dean of Havre has announced he is running for U.S. Senate.


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